Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hike and yoga this Sunday

Thanks for all your suggestions for hiking trails:

Henderson Park Trails, Mary Scott Nature Preserve trails, Mason Mill
Park Trail, Stone Mountain, Hahn Woods at Emory.

This Sunday, I would like to suggest that we go to the Mason Mill Park
off McConnell Drive. We can car pool and meet at OGUMC's parking lot
at Fair Oaks at 2:30PM and leave at 2:35. Arriving around 2:50, we
start our hike which I understand will take us about 45 minutes one way
and then another 45 minutes to come to McConnell Drive. We will be done
on time to drive back to OGUMC to start our yoga at 5PM.

I can drive Sequoia which will seat 7 people besides me. Please let me
know if you will be able to join me for this hike so we can organize the
car pool.

We will try the other trails in weeks to come. Also we can have a
shorter walk at Mary Scott on a Tuesday before the 10:30AM yoga at BUMC.