Monday, November 26, 2012

This week's yoga and December schedule

Hello,   I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.  I spent some very quality time with friends and family on Tybee Island.  

I took time to remind myself that yoga is not just the hour on my mat and that yoga is much more than that.  Yoga is every minute of my life when I face it with the positive attitude.   One of the yoga teachers of the ancient time has said, "Make everything you do with the magic wand of yoga"; something to think about

I am looking forward to our yoga this week on:

Tuesday, Nov. 27 @ 10:30AM at BUMC
Wed., Nov. 28 @ 6PM at BUMC
Sat., Dec. 1 @ 9:30AM at BUMC
Sunday, Dec. 2 @ 5PM at BUMC

I have updated the schedules to reflect December schedule for your review and reference. 

I wish you a happy and meaningful holiday season.