Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Change of room for Wed. and Sunday; please read

Hello everyone,   Since tomorrow and Sunday we meet for yoga in the evening and our yoga rooms get warm, we are going to practice in the Fellowship Hall.

Saturday, June 7,  we will meet at our usual place.   Th., June 5, we will meet at our usual place.

Wed., tomorrow, June 4; 6PM yoga will be at the Fellowship Hall.

Sun., June 8; 5PM yoga will be at the Fellowship Hall.

To get to the Fellowship Hall, please enter the property at the main entrance driveway, pass the playground on your left.   After you park the car, come back to the end of the playground and make a soft left turn and then again turn to the left to face a narrow red door.   That door will be unlocked.  

If you have mats in the yoga room, go upstairs as usual to get your mat and then come to the Fellowship Hall.  The floor in the Fellowship Hall is vinyl tile, so feel free to bring a second mat if you like.

I will keep my phone on until last minute; please call 770-656-4728 if you can't find the Fellowship Hall.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  I know the church is working on having some kind of cooling system installed in our rooms.  I hope by next week, we will be able to stay in our rooms.