Here are some things people have said about practicing yoga with me.




"Yoga with Mariam is like having your own Zen zone."

- Bill Cox; Tucker, GA





"Mariam is very patient and leads a soothing yoga practice.  She allows for people to practice at their pace in a non-competitive, non judgmental environment.  She has worked with me on various issues I have had as I have scoliosis and had foot surgery.  I have been a client of hers for almost 10 years now and have suggested her practice to many of my friends."

- Stacey


"We have been in Mariam's yoga class for over ten years and have greatly benefited from her expertise and knowledge.  We enjoy our time in her class.  We participate in her chair yoga class which also includes those who prefer to stand or use a mat.  She directs movements for either preference.  Mariam cautions us in how to move, always instructing us to take care in our exercises.  We highly recommend Mariam's yoga class!"

- Joe and Marty


 "Mariam offers a lovely yoga class to people of all ages and abilities.  She emphasizes non-competitiveness and listening to your own body to choose your own pace.  She genuinely cared about her students and is willing to tailor a class to deal with a particular problem you might be experiencing.  She is a warm and supportive presence, but never feels intrusive.  You come away from an hour of yoga with Mariam both energized and relaxed.  I can't imagine going to another instructor."

 - Marie


 "I have been practicing yoga with Mariam for the past six years.  In that time, I've become more flexible and my balance has improved.  The welcoming environment Mariam creates is unparalleled anywhere else.  I highly encourage everyone to try out her classes."

- Stacey M. 


 "For many years, I have attended Mariam's chair yoga class and have appreciated, deeply, the remarkable variety of exercises we do, especially for those, like me, who stand and do the exercises.  Each week, our routine changes, with Mariam often introducing new exercises and thereby keeping our experience fresh and interesting.  Mariam offers extraordinarily clear direction for the exercises for those who sit and for those who stand, noting not only the specifics for how we are to do the poses (i.e., how we move our bodies), but how we are to breath through the poses as well.  I find it helpful to hear her say, "Breathe in; breathe out." Included in her exercises are balance exercises which i enjoy as much, if not more, than the yoga poses.  My favorite part of our class is the last fifteen minumte when we lay on our mats, often rocking from one side to the other, and soon after pouring essential oil on our hands, and breathing the oil in.  What a lovely, calm way we end our time together, relaxed and ready for the rest of our day."

- Clarice


"Yoga with Mariam is not only a practice that helps you take care of your body and mind, but it is also a community of people with the same goals.  She has a very dedicated approach to helping everyone no matter the age.  She is also very involved in community activities."

- Beverly Donaldson

"I have been taking yoga classes with Mariam ever since she began to offering them.  I feel blessed to have been able to do so.  They give me good, calm feelings that nothing else can."

-Judy Sophianopoulos

"I have been taking yoga with Mariam for almost 8 years.  I look forward to it every week and end each class feeling better; mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Mariam does such a wonderful job of matching her classes to the needs of her clients, as well as to their abilities.  I truly feel that these classes have helped me stay healthier and more mobile as I have aged these 8 years.  she makes the environment calm and soothing, so it is easy to slip into a  good mindset and just practice yoga."


"I have been participating in Mariam's yoga classes for well over 15 years.  I have had two knee replacements and two hip replacements, yet I am more limber and my gait more fluid than others my age who have had no joint replacements.  My orthopedist is astonished with my agility and believes - as I do- that my good results with joint replacement are due to my consistent yoga sessions.  The peace and serenity that I achieve from yoga is an added bonus.