Monday, September 23, 2013

New Rates; Please read

Many of you who practice yoga with me regularly already take advantage of a discount when you pay for classes a month at a time rather than paying for each class individually.

If you would like to pay for a second class every week, one month in advance, as of Oct.1, 2013, I will offer a 20% discount on the second class.

For example, let's say you already attend the Tuesday yoga and you 
pay $40.00 (4 Tuesdays@$10.00each) and you decide to add Saturdays to your practice; the cost to add the Saturday class would have been $40.00 (4 Saturdays @ $10.00 each), but with the 20% discount, you will pay $32.00 to add Saturdays.   Your total monthly fee for two yoga practice per week will be $72.00 instead of $80.00  ($40 for the first four classes, but $32 per class to add the second four classes).

And if you decide to attend yoga three times per week, then you will have another %25 on your third day's fees.  Back to the previous example, if you add Thursdays to your yoga practice, you would pay $30.00 (4 Thursdays @7.50 each).  And your total monthly fee for three classes per week will be $102.00 for 12 sessions instead of $120.00 which means $8.50 per class.

I hope you will find this attractive and helpful.  Please let me know your thoughts and comments.