Monday, October 24, 2011

this week's yoga, Nov. schedule, Sunday's change of room, Nov. 3 dinner

    Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous day.   A few things:

This week's yoga:

Tuesday, Oct. 25 @ 10:30AM at BUMC
Wednesday, Oct. 26 @ 6PM at BUMC
Saturday, Oct. 29 @ 9:30AM at BUMC
Sunday, Oct. 30 @ 5PM at OGUMC at Room 117.   I will send you a map.

I will have to post the November calendar.  Please note that we will have yoga during the week of Thanksgiving.   We have change of rooms though.

Please note that this coming Sunday, Oct. 30 at OGUMC, we will practice in room 117.  Please contact me if you are going to join us so I can give you directions.

Our dinner club will meet on Th. Nov. 3 at 7PM at Los Hermanos in Tucker.   Thanks if you already have informed me of your intention to attend.