Monday, October 17, 2011

This week's yoga, tomorrow's lunch, Nov. 3 dinner and no change in space for Sunday, Oct. 23

Hello everyone,

This week's yoga will be on:

Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 10:30AM at BUMC
Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 6PM at BUMC
Saturday, Oct. 22 at 9:30AM at BUMC


Sunday, Oct. 23 at 5PM at OGUMC (no change of space)

Our luncheon tomorrow at Panera at Northlake around 11:45AM.   Let's meet in the very back after we place our orders.   We will attach tables to accommodate everyone.

Our dinner will be on Th. Nov. 3 at 7PM at Los Hermanos in Tucker.  I will make reservation the day before, so please let me know if you are attending.

Please note that we will meet at the usual space - the gym - at OGUMC on Sunday, Oct. 23.